"Bonito" - Could not be so appropriate this name for this region of such natural wealth. Located in the central western part of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, 280 km from the capital Campo Grande and 130 km from Miranda, entrance city of the South Magro Grosso Pantanal, Bonito is considered the capital of Ecotourism in Brazil. Bonito is set in a region known popularly as Serra da Bodoquena (Bodoquena's Range), which covers other municipalities like Jardim, Bodoquena, Miranda and Porto Murtinho.

In this region where also located the the Bodoquena's National Park, there are beautiful landscapes formed by extensive places of limestone covered with forests interspersed by springs, and crystal clear rivers. With 76,000 acres the Bodoquena's National Park helps to increase the ecological and tourism potential of the region. In this region there are more than 30 touristic places that offer about 40 well-formatted ecotourism products, ranging from visiting the fascinating Gruta do Lago Azul, postcard of the city, to the unforgettable diving in crystal clear waters.

Bonito has a diversity of tourist attractions that meet all tastes. For those who like to venture there abseil descents in canyons and chasms, cylinder diving in rivers and caves, boat trips, float cross, canopy tours, horseback riding and cycling. For nature lovers could not miss the trail rides on farms with beautiful waterfalls of limestone formation. The region offers a rich flora and fauna that can be admired along the tracks, but also in safari tours on farms in the Pantanal of South Mato Grosso. And for those who like to enjoy life in a good to the river, Bonito offers spas places with excellent infrastructure.

We can't forget the urban attractions that helps to fill the nightlife of the city. The great diversity of natural attractions coupled with environmental responsibility, quality of service, security in the visitation of the tours, extensive network of hotels, wide choice of bars and restaurants, local airport with regular flights, a modern and integrated convention center, make Bonito as the "Best Ecotourism Destination Brazil" for 13 consecutive years, according the magazine Travel & Tourism, Editora Abril.