What to bring?
Tennis for the visitation to the Grotto of the Blue Lake (obligatory for the descent) and sandals or shoe or another light shoe to do walks (that can be wet). Usually, during the day makes plenty sun and heat, light clothes should be used. Moleton and/or shelter for the coldest nights.

In more, sun glasses, shorts, shirts, cap or hat, bath clothes. Camera and/or camcorder is indispensable. Repellent, you can bring or if you prefer you will be able to buy here. In the nascent tours (Aquário Natural, Sucuri River and Prata River) the repellent will only be able to be applied after to the exit of the water. The same is worth for the suntan lotion use.

Reserves and tour's prices
The prices of the tours in Bonito are all tabulated. All Travel agency of our city work with the same values, and who determine these prices are the owners of attractives. The difference will only be in the care of agencies. The transportation isn't included in the tour value.

For not running the risk of not getting vacancies in the tours, we suggested that you don't come to Bonito without doing the reservations with your Travel Agency. Because all of the tours have limited number of people for visitation a day and that number is low.

Bus times - Road by Cruzeiro do Sul
Bonito to Campo Grande
07:00h / 14:00h
Campo Grande to Bonito
08:00h / 14:30h
Bonito to Dourados
Dourados to Bonito
Bonito to Corumbá
Corumbá to Bonito
10:00h / 10:30h / 17:25h

Shared Van's times
Bonito to Campo Grande
03:40h / 07:30h / 10:00h
12:00h/ 18:00h / 21:00h
Campo Grande to Bonito
09:00h / 10:00h / 11:30h
14:30h / 16:00h / 19:30h